2022 Programme at Westminster College, Cambridge

Each week offers two five hour courses, and their three related ‘Readings’ in a Biblical language, which explore exegetical and translation issues. Each week also offers three supplementary lectures – which often form a series. Courses explore Old and New Testament topics and related subjects. Courses include a concluding question and answer session; and there is always opportunity for further discussion over meals. Participants can be issued with an Attendance Certificate on request. – See website for further details.

Morning lectures begin at 10.15am; and the programme provides participants with plenty of time during the early afternoon to explore the attractions of Cambridge, Ely and the surrounding countryside, or engage in quiet private study. Westminster College is only a short walk from the centre of Cambridge.

Week 1: Sunday 24th July – Friday 29th July 2022

Inaugural lecture: Prof. Judith Lieu University of Cambridge

Old Testament course: Prof. Hugh Williamson, University of Oxford
‘The Foreign Nations in Isaiah: Evil Empires or Potential Partners’

New Testament course: Prof. Andrew Lincoln, University of Gloucestershire
The Gospel of John as “the Spiritual Gospel”: Then and Now?’

3 Pat Merriman Memorial lectures: Dr Markus Piennisch, University of Stuttgart
‘The Biblical-Semitic Aspect of Hermeneutics’

Week 2: Sunday 31st July – Friday 5th August 2022

Eileen Stamper Memorial Lecture:
Dr Andrew Macintosh, University of Cambridge
‘Translating Hebrew’

Old Testament course: Dr Madhavi Nevader, University of St Andrews
‘Sovereignty – Divine and Human – in the Hebrew Bible.’

New Testament course: Dr Domenika Kurek-Chomycz, Liverpool Hope University
‘Second Corinthians and the Emergence of Christian Scripture’

3 lectures: Rupert Shortt, Cambridge University.
‘The Hardest Question, God, Evil and Suffering.’

Language classes in Greek and Hebrew Biblical languages – at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels – in both weeks.

Generous Bursaries and Awards are available to assist students and others with costs.