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What Participants Have Said

"The lectures are always interesting and challenging, opening new avenues of interpretation. I particularly enjoy the option to study Greek and Hebrew. The summer school is friendly and welcoming. I’ve made lots of friends there. I’m already looking forward to going to Cambridge next summer."

"If you are passionately interested in Biblical exegesis and enjoy studying the original Hebrew and Greek texts, in the company of like-minded people, this Summer Biblical Study in Cambridge is for you. You will love it!"

"A challenging standard of theological teaching, helping to broaden my thinking and re-charge my batteries as a Reader at my local parish church"

"It has always been an oasis in my year to spend a week, or on one occasion two weeks, exploring the more academic side of my faith and to get some very good teaching and reading of Hebrew and Greek, which is not available to me locally."

"I have found the other 'students', of all ages, welcoming, keen to discuss the lectures and have made a number of good friends."